Wednesday, October 19, 2011

St. Mary's School, Cortland New York

This is our third week visiting St. Mary’s after school program.  The theme for this week was super heroes; I dressed up as Mr. Fit.  A super hero I made up myself, I had a red mask and my weapons were healthy foods and exercises and stretches.  I drew these items and tapped them onto my belt; Mr. Fit kept the world healthy and enforced physical activity.  My costume worked well with the activity I played with them.  I used an activity I found from, I started off by introducing my character and explaining I just came back from a meeting with all the super heroes. We discussed how children were watching too much TV and not getting enough exercise.  I was here to promote healthy living, and I needed some sidekicks to help.  These sidekicks were Kid Cardio and Miss Muscle, they had to help me “tag” all the students and show them how to exercise.  If a student was tagged by Mr. Cardio they had to start in the hula hoop outside the tag area, and run to the cone and back pedal back to the hula hoop.  Then the student can join the tag game again.  This keeps everyone moving and no one is ever sitting out.  If a student is tagged by miss muscle they had to start in the other hula hoop and slide to the cone and back.  We were working on sliding so I decided to use that skill.  Once they finish they can also join the tag game.  The students enjoyed this game and were very tired once I blew my whistle.  I noticed kid cardio was running for a while and was slowing down, so I gave him a pool noodle to tag with so it was an extension of his hand. This helped because people really had to avoid him. I told him it was his sword.  This game was amazing, it not only worked on Psychomotor skills of skipping and running , the students had to use cognitive skills to understand who tagged them and which hula hoop to go to. Overall this was a success and next time we are at St. Mary’s it will be Halloween! Click the link that says “Lab Assessment” to see more details about the day and see the assessment I wrote up about two students I observed.  Lab Assessment

-Albert A. Mercado

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