Tuesday, November 8, 2011

St. Mary's Halloween Experience

This week was Halloween theme!  All the students really enjoyed seeing people dressed up in costumes.  I was a boxer, I had boxing gloves draped over my shoulder and I made a heavy weight title belt around my waist.  The students thought this was funny because the belt had flashy colors on it and it really stood out.  When all the students were lined up waiting for the first game to start a few students yelled, “Your Mr. Fit right?”  This made me very happy because the week before was super hero theme and I dressed up as Mr. Fit. They really remembered my costume! I was so excited when they said this and that feeling is why I love teaching.  I love impacting student’s lives, even if it is by dressing up as Mr. Fit and educating students about being fit.  I can’t wait to graduate and have my own gym and affect children every day! Some teachers don’t realize everything you say students really listen, you have to be positive and always be a role model.  After I did my game, I was playing football with a few of the students.  They were all on the football team and were very skilled. I noticed they had a lot of football knowledge; they must have a great coach.  Their record was 6-1 this year; I wish they were still in season so I could watch a game.  I was running some plays with them and informing them on some information that would make them better.  Simple things like a receiver’s foot closet to the ball should be on the line and the other foot, away from the ball should be back.  So if you line up to the right of the center and qb, your left foot would be on the line.  I told them this information once and then ran plays, they got it first try.  I even switched their sides to see if they fully got the concept and they did.  I was very impressed and I am looking forward to coaching football in my future.  St. Mary’s experience is very helpful to me and I can’t wait to go back, I wish we went every week.  Next week we go is thanksgiving theme and I have a great game ready for the students.  We are going to work on kicking and dribbling during my game. 

(click Lab Assesment to veiw the data I took on two students)
Lab Assesment
 -Albert A. Mercado

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