Thursday, December 22, 2011

Highland High School Experience

Today in Highland high school was eventful to say the least! First period I worked with a student on shooting the basketball, he was shooting the ball improperly.  This was affecting the flight of the ball; he was not making any shots.  I worked with him for a few seconds and he practiced then the students started playing knock out.  He listened to my advice and won second place!  This student was not use to winning and was so happy.  The other students could not believe he was winning either, I told the students to not judge anyone because with practice anyone can become skilled.  This made me feel great that I helped a student; I hope he remembers my advice and enjoys playing basketball. During all my study periods my host teacher let me stay in the gym and observe the other physical education teachers lessons.  They were doing the same unit, basketball, ping pong, badminton but it was a new set of students which I enjoyed.  Third period was my host teachers planning period; I am way ahead with my work so I decided to sit in on a physical education class.  The period started off normal and I was shooting around with a group of girls.  About half way through the period out of the corner of my eye I see two girls arguing and getting very close to one another.  I walked over to see if they were just joking or if it was serious.  This was serious the two girls were about to fight!  I couldn’t believe this, what were odds a fight was going to happen within the five days I was there and happen right near me.  I did not want the two students to fight so I stepped in between the two students and told them to calm down and relax.  The entire time I am waving my arms to get the coaches attention but he doesn’t see me.  I was yelling for him but no one could hear me over the Christmas songs playing in the gym. Finally he saw I what was going on before the students began to fight; I was still acting like a barrier at this time.  When the coach came over to me they went at each other, they were punching and scratching, the coach grabbed one girl as the principals ran into the gym. This was very intense and I think I handled it correctly. Although I would never want anyone to fight, this was a good experience for me and I learned a lot from this situation.  If that was my class I would always be watching, if I wasn’t in the gym these girls would have been fighting for minuets before he saw.  Also having a whistle at all times is important, if I had my whistle I could have gotten the teachers attention quickly.  Always have the walky talky on hand also, the coach called the principal as he was running over, this cut the time the principals got to the fight in half.  I am glad no one got hurt and I was in the gym at that time. The next few periods I switched things up and worked with the badminton group, this was fun because I love that sport.  I was teaching them the concept of hitting really far then hitting it very close.  Also hitting it in different corners of the court really helps.  Many do not know but there is a lot of strategy in badminton, luckily I had the opportunity to take racquet activities with Mr. Fuchs who is one of the best.  I am sad tomorrow is my last day and I will miss the students and staff.  

Albert A. Mercado     

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