Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Day at Highland High School

Today was the last day I was in the High School, I am really sad.  This was a great experience and I learned a lot.  This experience made me very excited to graduate and get into my career.  I noticed I had a huge impact on the students and the entire school. I didn’t even get to teach to show them my real skill, I was only interacting with them and they seemed to enjoy my presence.  Physical Education is the career for me; I have a chance to impact so many lives! Today was fun we had little parties in each health class, we had food and watched Christmas movies.  It was really relaxing and the students enjoyed it. During physical education class the students chose basketball, badminton or ping pong and the coach played Christmas music. It was a nice day to say the least.  9th period there was a pep rally!  I was in the gymnasium helping set up when the jazz band came in and started playing.  This was incredible to watch, these students were so talented!  I was stunned, it sounded like they were professionals.  There were two drummers, one drummer sat on the others lap with one stick and the other held the other stick and they started playing.  This is very difficult because they are only using one arm and they have to keep the same beat.  Then the students started flowing in, everyone was excited.  The Highland Husky mascot came running out but there was a surprise.  He started taking his uniform off and Santa was under the costume.  This was very funny, Santa announced all the students on the sport teams and they came running out.  Then the band played for a while which was great.  Then the played two big games of knock out, two students from each grade, it was very entertaining.  Then they played a big game of musical chairs and the same girl won from last year! Then the bell rang and everyone went home.  It was a great ending to a wonderful week here in Highland. 


  1. Can't wait to hear more about your experiences and thought for our profession and education. What's the biggest lesson you learned?

    1. During my experience at the Highland High School, the biggest lesson I learned is be consistent. The host teacher I was with didn’t have much respect from the students. She was not consistent at all, one student would act out and she would brush it off then another student would do the same thing and be sent outside. Then that student in trouble would ask why he got sent outside. I am going to have my rules and stick by them, no matter who the student is. If a teacher can’t control a class how are they suppose to learn? When interacting with the students they would tell me they didn’t like my host teacher, it was very sad and I hope I am loved in my future school. If they respect and like you they will listen to what you have to say, not only about academics but about life long lessons. This school did not have a rule about cell phones and this was a huge distraction, literally every student had a phone out, even in PE! If I was a teacher in Highland I would push for a no cell phones rule, and if it didn’t I would implement a no cell phone rule in my classroom. The first few days would be rough but once they realize I am consistent with my rule they will respect my opinion and keep the phones away. It was very sad to see a PE program just roll the ball out, the students were stunned to see interacting with them and giving them compliments. They weren’t use to it and begged me to stay. Some teachers need to take their careers more seriously.