Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Incorporating Wrestling in a School Setting

                                  Tire Wrestling
                    (Middle School)
Made By: Albert Mercado

·         Students will work on Cardiovascular endurance, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance, Flexibility
·         Students will also work on Balance, Coordination, Agility, Reaction time, Speed, Power
·         Students will work on safety on wrestling and how to properly touch
·         Students work on determination, teamwork
·         Matt safety
·         Listening to whistle blast
·         Knowing how to stay on the mat and not stand
·         inside of big tire
·         Wrestling mat
·         Four corners taped with a line Whistle

·         Lay wrestling mat out on gym floor, make sure the mat is washed properly before students come for class
·         Tape a line on each corner of the matt at equal lengths ( a foot from the corner)
·         Post warm up tell students to line up in height order, break up the class into four equal teams
·         The game is basically four way tug of war; the students have to crawl to the center where the teacher is holding the tire.  The students grab hold to a side of the tire and to gain a point the student has to touch the line which they started from.  The students cannot stand the entire time.  Teams are encouraged to cheer on their team member.  The students will pull for no longer than 45 seconds then the whistle will blow.  If one team is winning you can encourage having allies with members, both grabbing from one side and pulling the classmate who is strongest. 
·         Once the students understand the game and play it safely adding a bean bags half the way to the tire on each corner of the mat is a new challenge.  The students not only have to pull the tire but they have to grab the bean bag and toss it to the edge of the matt.  You can earn points for tossing the bag to the corner and by dragging the tire and touching the line.  Letting go of the tire to grab the bean bag and tossing is very difficult but it takes a lot of concentration to do so. 
Visual impairments-
Tape a rope straight to the tire into the mat and two pieces of rope sectioning off their group.  The student can feel the rope which is under the tape knowing if he/she is straight on or coming close to the end of their section.  Their team can cheer so saying pull left or right is very helpful. 
Hearing impairments-
Having a green light for go and a red light for stop are important.  Do not only use these signs for this student, have the whole class stop and go through the signs.  Learning signs for great job and compliments is also key. 
Disabilities causing paraplegia and disabilities causing quadriplegia- 
Having students out of their wheel chair is important, this is a game where they can stretch out and enjoy the mat.  The teacher is holding the tube the entire time so making sure there is no serious pulling to injure anyone is important.  Athletes that have disabilities wrestle all the time, teaching this skill at a young age without physical contact will strengthen confidence and work on muscular strength.  If a student is overwhelmed with four teams, having two teams is more control able.  And if the student cannot crawl to the tube we can have them roll if possible or everyone can start right next to the tube and only pull not crawl away with the tube.  Just the pulling motion is great for fitness. Also having pairs go out and work together is another example, two people from each team can come out and pull together.  If pulling is a problem, just crawling touching the tube and crawling to the bean bag and throwing and then getting behind the line is another example.  Moving low to the ground is something which is practiced during this activity.
·         Having students crawl to the center and grab an object and crawling back is another variation. 
·         Having students keep a soccer ball out of their section is also another game which is stemmed from this. 
·         How many compliments were said during each game?
·         Proper form with crawling?
·         Teamwork
·         Muscular strength
·         How to stay low on the mat (very important in wrestling)
·         Cognitive cues on staying low and pulling
·         Cognitive questions on safety

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