Monday, April 9, 2012

Physical Education Philosophy

           As a physical educator who is dedicated to producing physically educated students, I know that with enthusiasm and the proper tools all my students can become physical educated.  My career of selling fitness, lifelong activity and health to the future of our country is very significant to me.  Using my tools of the New Era physical education I know I can positively affect every student I come in contact with. 
            Physical education has become very professional with our own language which describes tools we use in our field.  New York State and National standards met during each lesson is imperative.  Spending equal time touching on all three learning domains of what students know, do and value is a must.  Using a top down plan when using scope in each grade level and sequence in a district’s curriculum will promote teaching grade and or age specific skills and activities. 
            I know physical education does not just deal with one subject matter, I strongly believe in Interdisciplinary Curriculum.  Having academic integration in a district I teach in is important to me.  Allowing all students to gain an education no matter what type of learning style they prefer.  Learning through movement can be helpful in all subjects from Mathematics to English.  Having creativity of crafting new unique lessons which incorporate topics students need extra time with is all part of the trade. 
            I am a believer of using different teaching styles to adapt to the class’s needs, whether it is guided discovery, divergent or self-check.  Making sure as a teacher you break out of your comfort zone and do what is best for educating your students.  Focus on multiple models throughout the year including, adventure education, or movement education model which deals with using skill themes based off the movement wheel.
            As a physical educator I will use proper assessment with reliability and validity to promote learning, to verify learning has taken place, to set and meet goals and have to accountability of my lessons.  I will use authentic assessment, rubrics and criteria for affective, cognitive and psychomotor learning domains. Assessing throughout the school year is a priority of mine and I will encourage students, parents and staff that physical education is vital to student’s education and well-being. 

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