Saturday, September 17, 2011

How bad do you want it?

                       "Reach for the stars and if you don't make it you're still on top of the world." 
             This video is true, most people are worried about what other people think and what other people do.  We are individuals, you are the only one who knows your path to success. Do not let anyone tell you how to succeed, you know deep down inside of you what the right thing to do is.  Stand up for what you believe in and fully believe in what you are doing and you WILL succeed. 
              I will tell you a personal story most do not know about me.  When I was in high school I KNEW I was going to become a Physical Educator.  The only school I wanted to attend was SUNY Cortland.  Mid year my mother and I drove 30 minutes to the next town over, to go to a college fair.  I was so excited to speak to someone who actually worked at SUNY Cortland.  I walked past every college booth looking for the Cortland one.  I finally found the booth and starting asking questions and was bragging about all my extra activities and volunteer work I have done.  The lady at the booth was not impressed, she looked at me and asked me my GPA.  I was stunned because we were mid conversation about my mentor program and how I effected these three young freshman's lives.  I answered her question anyway. To my surprise she simply answered that my GPA and SAT scores were too low.  She said I should look at other colleges and do not even apply to Cortland.  This was the lowest I have felt in my entire life, I thanked her for her time and walked away.  I walked around the college fair in a daze, I couldn't beleive she just shot my dreams down. On the car ride home I was talking to my mom about the situation, she pulled over and taught me a life lesson that will stick with me forever.  She said, "Your better than this, you're going to let some college representive who doesn't know ruin your lifes dream? You're better than this, you will overcome her negative enegery and you will get into college and become the best Physical Education teacher in the country!" From that day on worked I so hard on getting into the school of my dreams.  I was emailing everyone and anyone trying to get my name known, I was volunteering in classrooms every week.  I have always been an average test taker, I am not going to let taking tests determine my life.  The day I was looking foward to finally came, my mother called me home one day and said, "I have somthing to open with you." I came home and saw the Cortland envelope, I was so nervous.  My stomach was in knots but I was still very confident.  I opened the envelope and started reading, once I saw the words, "Happy to inform you" I knew my dream came true. I was proud of myself, I could have left that college fair and let that lady's negative comments change my goals in life. I could have said you know she is right, my grades are't up to par I will apply next year.  I proved her wronjg, it was a great feeling.  This is what life is about, overcoming these negative things and succeeding.  Now a senior at Cortland I have had many more moments like this, but all these negaitive things that I have overcome have made me the person/teacher that I am today. I have great experiences because of times like this. I can apply what I have learned throughout my experiences and change my students lives.  Exactly what my mother has done for me, I am the man I am today because of my mother!  She is the most intelligent, caring, selfless, beautiful person I know. I have a pretty long path to becoming a Physical Education teacher but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I'm out of the tunnel and get a job I will start into another tunnel, I will always have goals in my life. I want to not only be a Physical Education teacher with my masters in special education, I want to get my administrative degree and become an athletic director.  I also would love to publish books on reasearch of my choice.  I am just excited about life and can not wait to see where God brings me! I hope someone reads this blog and it effects them in a positive way, my main goal in life is to positively effect as many people as I can.  Thank you for your time!

-Albert A. Mercado

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  1. Powerful words and story that accompanies an equally powerful movie clip. Congrats on getting this far and I look forward to seeing even bigger and better things attached to your name. GO and Get it!