Friday, September 16, 2011

St. Mary's Lab #1

St. Mary’s Lab Write-up #1
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This was the first day we visited St. Mary’s when there were children there, it was a memorable day.  I was very excited to meet all the children.  The day went really well, the students were very polite and respectful.  They listen to all the adults when they would speak to them.  I was outside with the older group of children and one of the students ran up the slide, one of the adults watching told him not to walk up the slide.  The child said, “Ok, sorry.” I thought this was very mature for someone his age, I was really impressed. When I was inside with the younger group of children before they ate snack they said grace and when they wanted more milk they raised their hands and asked politely.  This is a great way to run snack time; they were all on track the whole time.  There were some differences when the children were playing, both gender and age.  The girl students played jump rope, in the big toy houses and “patty cake”.  The boys played with all the sport toys like footballs, basketballs and dodge balls.  I thought nothing of this because this is normal in most school settings.  When I was interacting with the students I welcomed all students to play in my games.  I was playing tag and a bunch of relay races with the young students.  They also really impressed me; they were able to run backwards.  Some faster than others but they were able to doing many skills, including hopping, running, running backwards, skipping and sliding.  There were a boy and a girl who really stood out to me in the younger group I watched; they were very fast and athletic.  Another boy stood out to me in the younger group, he was the smallest out of the group and was attached to me.  He would try all the skills and succeed just a little slower.   The older kids were into more in depth games like transformers and cops.  They were doing the same skills but without thought, they were jumping, running and hopping just to play their part in the imagery game.  I also noticed the older students like to make the games up and be in control but the younger students liked when I made the games up and told them what to do.  I like working with younger children because you can affect them in many ways because they actually listen and want to learn.  I was getting a younger boy line up as a running back and take a hand off and run into the ‘touchdown”, I also taught him how to spike the ball for an end zone dance which was pretty funny ! This just showed me how eager they were to learn and how they can be molded into healthy, active people.  I am really excited for the next time we go back and actually get to have games planned!
-Albert A. Mercado

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