Wednesday, September 28, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 2 (Wild West)

                  Today was the second day we were at St. Mary’s school in Cortland NY.  We designated today as Western theme.  My group wore bandannas around our necks and had sticker sheriff badges on.  I think the kids enjoyed us dressing up and bringing them stickered sheriff badges so they felt they had a costume on also.  My group, “The Triple Nuggets” was with the pre-K group.  First we had play time inside because it was raining out.  The students were playing with dinosaurs and other toys.  I drew a dinosaur for a few children; they thought I was an artist.  After play time they had snack, they ate animal crackers and milk.  After snack Kristi read the children a book about cowboys, after the book we have everyone on sticker and went into the gym to start our games.  I led the groups in a tag game where the cowboys from the east had to catch the cowboys from the west.  I gave the cowboys from the east pool noodles, this was their lassos.  The cowboys from the eats had to lasso the other cowboys up.  I was getting the students to run around, after running I put little obstacles on the floor so they had to jump over them as they chased each other.  I was teaching them to jump off two feet or hop off one foot.  At this age it is hard to transition from running to hopping or jumping.  Most of them would slow down then hop or jump.  This is perfect as long as they are active and trying their best.  I noticed they really liked the fact that they had to jump over stuff so I quickly made up an obstacle course out of hula hoops and other toys around the gym.  I told them that in order to be the best cowboy you can be we have to practice all of our skills, so each obstacle had its skill.  The children loved this because no one was chasing them so they could go at their own pace.  Once we went in on direction for a while, I switched the direction so they can turn in another direction.  Overall I think the children really enjoyed themselves and definitely got a work out.  I am excited to go back in two weeks; I am running the big game at the end of the session with everyone! I am going to have a very unique and fun game prepared. 

 In the beginning of the day we had to watch a group do a few games and watch a few students and assess their locomotor skills.  I noticed that the group was really getting down to their level the students listened better when they got down on a knee. They also brought all the students into a corner which is a great idea.  The students can only focus on you and not the rest of the gym.  Some things that I would not have done were explain the game for such a long period of time.  Asking one question to see if the students understand is alright but asking a question after each direction is too much.  Also telling them you are breaking them up into two groups is a waste of time, just explain the game then just break them up into groups.  When the first thing you say is, “I’m going to break you up into two groups.”  The children are only thinking about who’s in their group not about the instructions.  Overall the group did great and the students were moving and had fun.  Again I would have done a game where there was less standing around, I tend to do games without lines.  I tend to use games were everyone is moving the entire game.  If there is a line, I would have the students doing jumping jacks or hula hoop while they are waiting.  Focusing on movement is more important than the flow of your game or who wins.  The students I was observing were very active.  I was watching a girl and a boy; I named them Joe and sue.  Joe was a little small for his age and less developed.  He had trouble with the hop; he could not stay on one foot.  He would change feet each time and never fully be on one foot.  The gallop was better but could only have one foot in front and his arms were not bent.  When he ran he was basically flat footed and needed to bend the trail leg more.  Other than all this technical observations he was active and participated just like every other child.  I think the more he grows the better these skills will get, a few games working on these skills might open his eyes to proper form.  Sue was more developed and one of the bigger children in the gym.  She could run fine and could basically gallop perfect.  I did not see her gallop with both feet forward but I think she was just doing whatever foot was more efficient.  The hop is what she needs to work on, she needed to bend the trail leg and use momentum more.  I think the children were playing a tag game so they were trying to go as fast as possible, when hopping fast it is hard to keep proper form.  Both students were enjoying themselves and could both do the skills just not at a very high level.  Next time we are at St. Mary’s it is super hero theme and I am going to have a great costume!
  Here is a LINK to my assesment for lab 2!

-Albert A. Mercado             

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