Thursday, January 12, 2012

Final Day of Observation in Highland Middle School

Today is the last day of my observation experience.  Where did the time go? I felt like this time went by way to fast.  Overall it was an amazing experience, my host teachers and host schools were very welcoming, they helped me so much.  Since last class we worked on lower body and kicking, I wanted to go back to upper body and work on throwing.  I decided to use a game I learned at the state conference this year.  It is a variation of baseball.  Most the same rules the only real difference is there is no bat. The “batter” is allowed to throw the ball instead of hit the ball.  I started the game off where the pitcher has the ball and under hand pitches the ball to the “batter”.  If the batter drops the ball its strike one, if the pitcher throws the ball far away from the batter and he doesn’t touch it, its ball one.  Three strikes you’re out and four balls you take a base.  There is no bunting, so the ball has to land outside the three point arc, which was about 8 ft from home base. If the batter throws two fouls or hits the ceiling they are out.  Home runs are the back wall above the matt. We only had one home run all day!  No sliding, leading, stealing or pegging. We used a rubber ball with bells inside of it, it was more difficult to field and catch.  Using different size balls will make the game harder or easier.  When I explained the game the students thought it would be so easy, once we started playing they realized it is harder than it seems.  We had some very close games and even a tie during one period.  Very rarely does someone strike out, so everyone feels like they are participating.  In the dugout I encourage the students to cheer and make chants.  The game goes fast because mostly everyone catches the first pitch, so people aren’t sitting out very long.  I think Highland middle school enjoyed this game and every time we ended a game they wanted to pay longer.  This is something they can play outside during recess because there is no need for a bat and the rules are very easy.  This works on throwing and catching in many different ways.  Also running and teamwork, students would talk in the dugout where to throw the ball next to better the chance of advancing the running on base.  I am thankful for having a host teacher who allowed me to use my imagination and explain all the rules.  This helped me a lot and gave me more confidence in my self.  I was sad to leave the school but I am looking forward to a new semester and know there will be more experiences and more schools in my future. 
For more information about this baseball variation, go to
-Albert A. Mercado

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