Thursday, January 12, 2012

First experience in Highland Middle School

Today was the first day in the middle school.  I was a lot more confident going into this school because the High School went so well.  I was excited to be back in a school setting.  I met with my host teacher one of the first days I was home from break; I went to both the High School and Middle School to introduce myself, so this wasn’t the first time meeting my host teacher.  I came to the school very early because I like to prepare for the day, maybe help set up or just look over the binder I have to complete during this experience. I noticed the physical education teachers came into the school very late.  This made me realize I will never come late; they start their day off wrong.  I want to come very early so I can set up the first activity for 1st period so the students have more playing time. It is very unfair to set up games or activities during the student’s period.  They need every minuet of time to be active.  I wish more physical education teachers felt this way.  1st period they played star wars capture the flag dodge ball.  I wrote up a whole blog about how I feel about dodge ball in a school setting, if you want to know exactly what I said scroll down and click older post (maybe twice) it was one of the first blogs I wrote.  I don’t think dodge ball shouldn’t be played in a school, I have many reasons but I will not get into that. I watched the entire day and saw the negative results, some kids loved dodge ball but others were terrified.  Multiple students went to the nurse and the environment was just hostile.  One period we had to run a study hall, an option I thought was really cool and helpful was the students were allowed to go to the gymnasium and participate in physical education if they didn’t want to stay in the study hall.  This was amazing to see because it gave another period for students to be active.  I really liked this idea and will try to implement this into my future school. During our preparation period, which was a break, the teacher asked me if I knew any fun new games I could show the class.  Me? I have millions! I was so excited to prepare a great game for these students.  She told me all day tomorrow the students can play my game.  I went home and went through all my notes and searched for the perfect game.  I couldn’t just pick one, so I prepared a list of 5 and went to bed eager to go to school tomorrow.  This is no exaggeration, physical education is my passion and I love making a game up or tweaking something I learned before and presenting it to a class and seeing these students run around and enjoy what I have made.  It’s a great feeling and I feel accomplished when they are sweating walking out of the gymnasium saying that was so much fun I wish we could play this all day.  That’s the thing with students they will tell you how they feel no matter what, they will tell you the game was boring if it was boring and you just have to learn from their feedback and try not to make a mistake again.

-Albert A. Mercado

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