Thursday, January 26, 2012

Assesment on Carmel's State report card

               Carmel Central School District is located in Putnam Country which is about 60 miles from New York City.  According to “Basic Educational data systems day”, the district population is 4,630 students with a class average of 23.  As a previous student of the school district I was proud to read their report card.  On the other hand a subject which is missing from the report card needs some change in this district.  Physical Education, which is not on the New York State report card, is lacking many beneficial aspects here in Carmel. The curriculum consisted of the tired six, including basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, ping pong and soccer.  If students within this district took the regents no one would be eligible to pass, students didn’t even get a chance to participate in nine activities, let alone be competent in six and proficient in three.  
               Due to the No Child Left Behind Act, districts have to report based on if students are proficient in different subjects.  These subjects include English language arts and Mathematics.  In the elementary and middle level students will also be tested on Science.  The secondary level will be tested on graduation rate for the third indicator.  Each subject has their own criteria to earn “district in good standing”, if this goal is achieved, the district is considered to be making adequate yearly progress.  
               The subjects of English language arts and Mathematics are the first two subject listed on the districts report card.  The district is accountable for the participation criterion and the performance criterion.  The participation criterion holds a percentage of students mandated to take the tests throughout each level of education, 95% is the overall census for each level.  The performance part of English language arts is measure by an annual measurable objective, 30 or more enrolled students have to exceed or equal this standard to achieve good standing.
               Although these criterions are similar to ELA and Mathematics, they have their differences.  Participation is measured by two grades in each level, 4th grade is responsible for elementary level and 8th grade for middle level.  Forty students have to take both of these examinations; this is the criterion to achieve a good standing mark from the state.  Similar to English and Math, performance is based upon exceeding or equaling a score, State Science Standard or Science Progress Target make up New York’s Science standard.  Like Elementary and Middle levels of education, secondary education is assessed based on standards, Graduation Rate Standard and Graduation Target Process is what the State holds this district to, which measures around 80%.  Levels one, two and three are all reasonable and all districts should be successful in scoring Adequate Yearly Process. 
               Proud to say I was a former Ram, Carmel has marked good standing throughout the report card.  Academics are not the problem in Carmel; in fact many students attend respectable Universities upon graduating.  Due to phenomenal athletics and no assessment from the State Physical Education goes unnoticed and viewed as not important.  This is depressing to see because I know how much positive can come out such an important subject, a strong physical education program will only improve what Carmel has to offer.           

Most don't know this but Physical Education is ready to be accepted into the regents’ family. We have everything planned out and have been on the door step of success for years. With help we can make this dream come true. Most are asking why, who cares? This is benefiting each child in New York State; this will be a way to asses’ teachers in the physical education field. Once a regent test is implemented, it will be impossible to only roll the ball out and do six activities throughout the year, not one student will pass. This will push away lazy physical education teachers who do not really care about students, more dedicated students can take their place and watch their students reach level four on the regents.

-Albert A. Mercado

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