Thursday, January 26, 2012

the teacher I WILL be

(Bulletin board I made about “How to keep your heart healthy.”)

The values one believes in comes to light throughout the way people live their life and treat others.   As an individual grows these beliefs change due to personal experiences and unique thoughts.  It is evident not all people develop proper beliefs; most just need a role model to steer them in the proper direction. A spark to ignite this positive thought process which will then produce the physical lifestyle that will generate success and health is what I can offer as a Physical Educator.    
            All children are delicate and the slightest statement or experience can change ones beliefs.  As an educator I want my precious time with each class to count, every second in that 45 minute period I want students gaining knowledge.  Let it be known that Mr. Mercado’s physical education class not only produces physically fit students but also honest, hard working, trust worthy, accountable, courageous leaders with integrity.  Educating students on character is by far the biggest accomplishment I have set for myself.  Once an educator has students with character, vital concepts like life time fitness and nutrition will be taught with ease.  Realizing not all students will be taught values from guardians or parents, it is my calling to instill proper attitudes and thoughts in the future adults of our country. I love effecting student’s lives in a positive manor; it is a passion of mine and I feel physical education is an ample environment to character build. 
            Obesity is an ongoing endeavor Americans deal with on a daily basis; lack of education can cause one to suffer from this horrible disease.  Students are the infantry of this war on obesity; some have been captured by this horrible enemy but can still fight back with weapons of knowledge and commitment. As an educator I see myself as a high ranking leader who has proper education and skills to mentor these students to be physically fit. My classroom will not be that of a boot camp but will be welcoming for all students, adapted daily for each individual.  Winning and score is not a priority but self expression is imperative and encouraged.  Baseline formative and summative assessments will be taken to determine implications of class data.  Untypical sports and activities will be played to alter perception or sport and to level the playing field.  Students will not only work with another they will act as teachers and insight thoughts and ideas they have personally absorbed.  This is just a taste of what I have in store for my future students; my plan keeps growing due to personal growth and experiences. 
            The outcome of a well rounded physical education program will produce physically and mentally healthy students with established values and admirable characteristics.  As a physical educator I will do whatever it takes to be known as one of the greatest teachers who have impacted many lives.  I want students to look back on their education and not only remember content but remember life lessons to pass on to upcoming generations.  I would love to be a part of the destruction of the obesity misfortune and have my students’ live long healthy lives.  With my dedication and passion of physical education my goals will be set and a new generation of physical educators will be born from my insight, just like I am connecting the cycle for my professors and role models.   

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