Thursday, January 12, 2012

Highland Middle School

Today is the third day here at the midde school, we played castle crashers throughout the day and the students were having a great time.  On my host teachers “prep” period I decided to go into the gymnasium and teach the other classes castle crashers.  Of course I asked the other PE teacher if it was alright, and he said it was fine.  I figured this would give me more experience with speaking in front of a large group of students.  I really got a feeling for explaining a game for a whole day; you kind of figure the best way to present the game.  You want the game to be explained in a short manor so they can get to playing it but they also have to understand how to play.  The warm ups that the teacher had they doing was do a lap around the gym.  I think that is a terrible warm up so I implemented a game that would be fun and they would be warming up without knowing it.  It’s called circle tag, after breaking the students up into their castle crashers team; I sat them down and demonstrated circle tag with them. I used one team as an example I an explained.  One person is “it” and the rest of the team is working together.  They need to link arms and form a circle.  The team decides who the person who is “it” has to tag.  Then the circle has to work together on shielding the person who is “it” from tagging one of the members.  This is really fun because the person who is it has a lot of running to do and the group has to communicate to be successful.  Once the link is broken or the person gets tagged the person who was getting tagged becomes “it” and the team picks a new person to get tagged.  It is a quick game to warm students up and it also gets them to feel comfortable with one another before a bigger, complex team game like castle crashers.

-Albert A. Mercado

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